MAAP Stars

Minnesota Association of Alternative Programs

Through this organization, students
•  Develop employment, academic, and social skills
•  Experience career-related activities that in turn, assist them in making an informed career choice
•  Build a cooperative and competitive spirit through individual and team activities and competition
•  Strengthen social skills and build an appreciation for the responsibilities of citizenship, brotherhood, and the American free enterprise system
•  Develop self-confidence, increase motivation, and create a desire for and belief in life-long learning
•  Meet with, have fun with, and ultimately develop an appreciation for students and staff from other alternative programs

The Minnesota chapter of Stars holds three statewide events each year
•  Leadership Conference
•  Legislative Day
•  Spring Events Conference

Many MAAP regions and individual programs hold other Stars activities throughout the year.

Success • Teamwork • Achievement • Recognition • Self-Esteem

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