Computer Repair

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The Computer Repair program focuses on material required to pass either the CompTIA A+ or TestOut PC Pro certification exams. These are computer industry recognized exams. This course mirrors the first course of many colleges in the study of computer systems and networking. 

You will learn the parts and components of computer hardware including...
- Being a PC technician
- System Components: power supply, motherboard, processors, etc.
- Peripheral Devices: USB, display, fireware, etc.
- Storage: drives - SATA, SCSI, File Systems, RAID,  SSD, and M.2
- Networking: hardware, Ethernet, network addressing - IP, v4, IP v6, utilities
- Printing: configuration, management, maintenance 
- Mobile Devices: notebook computers, apps, maintaining 

You will learn about the operating systems, specifically user and computer settings:
- Windows system management: preferences, performance, users and groups, applications, updates
- System Implementation: components, pre/post install considerations
- File Management: locations, managing, NTFS, sharing, offline
- Security: best practices, physical, social, BIOS, malware, authentication, encryption, firewalls
- Troubleshooting: motherboard, storage, video, etc.

Computer Repair and Certification gives you the knowledge and ability to work with computers and operating systems in order to...

NOT have to ask for help while using a computer, EVER.

BUILD or upgrade your own computer and software in an engineering sense. 

BEGIN a college career in computer networking, GET JOBS working on computers while in college and beyond. 

BECOME an industry recognized and "certified" computer technician

Students are encouraged to start in the fall semester; however, they can also start spring semester and complete the course the following fall is possible, Talking or passing either certification exam is not a course requirement and does not count negatively toward your grade. You will be offered a chance to take the PC Pro exam during class. 

This class is a prerequisite for the computer networking class. This course requires a desire to understand computers, to work inside computers and to repair them. This is not a computer gaming class. 


3 Credits | Anoka Ramsey Community College 
3 Credits | Hennepin Technical College 

TestOut PCPro certification should be recognized by any college with a similar class.