Elevate Online

  Our foremost objective is to engage and encourage your student in learning. 

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Our Elevate Online offers full-time accredited K-12 classes, credit recovery and electives, and Career Technical Education (CTE), approved by and fulfilling standards of the Minnesota Department of Education.

Your student can supplement regular coursework with innovative and challenging subjects, make-up for lost credits, or even earn a full high school diploma online.

Our program features a vital blend of live teaching by highly qualified licensed teachers, the assistance of counselors and tutors along with interactive multimedia and stimulating self-paced learning. Our students have personal and direct contact with our teachers and others to help them daily.

For parents seeking enhanced learning for their students, we feature literally hundreds of electives and CTE courses at no fee to you.

We are a collaboration of 16 school districts in the southwest metro area, so you can keep your relationship with your home school or enroll directly with us.